We all need to drink, and in my humble opinion, it should always be as enjoyable as possible.  Whether you’re adding a squeeze of fresh fruit juice to your spring water, brewing up your favorite cup of coffee, or opening a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, I do hope you are able to pause your busy day and take just a moment to savor your selection.

This page is still in the development phases…  I am currently engaged in some very intense and rather serious research so I can put together some fantastic content for my fabulous readers.  Most of what you’ll find on this page in the future will be adult beverages but I can only sample so many at a time and still be able to write about them in a respectable manner.  Thanks for your patience!

Betty Z’s Cranberry Spritzer

cranberry spritzer-0838










Antigal Winery’s UNO Malbec

I had the luxury of incorporating this wine into two different posts with recipes that were specifically designed to compliment this very lovely and versatile bottle.  Get yourself a bottle and then get cooking!

Spinach, Herbs and Hot Italian Sausage help bring out some of the best flavors in the wine.










Enjoy our easy Pasta with Peso and Herbs along with a glass of Antigal’s UNO Malbec


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